Posted by: learnsignlanguage | September 7, 2010

early years check list for your deaf child

The NDCS have created a simple check list for your deaf child of pre school years.

  • Understand your child’s deafness
  • Use your early years professionals
  • Think about communication
  • Get educational support
  • Be playful
  • Get the whole family involved
  • Find out about financial support
  • Contact other families

It can be helpful to know the causes of your child’s deafness and how to interpret the hearing tests results that you have. NDCS are a fantastic resource to help with information for deaf children and their families.

As we all know communication is extremely important and so by finding various different ways of communicating through play and other means to your child it will be beneficial in aiding the foundation of language learning for the rest of their life.

By involving parents, siblings, grandparents and other friends and family when communicating with your child you will encourage greater understanding and and develop strong bonds with your deaf child.

There may be financial support available to you and different benefits that you are able to claim so speak with your social worker or ask a representative of NDCS for advice.

Within the NDCS online Parent Place there is a forum where you are able to share useful ideas, inspiration and friendship.

For more information take a look at NDCS


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