Posted by: learnsignlanguage | July 15, 2010

The Silence and Deaf Culture on TV

I have been watching The Silence on TV all this week and I think its absolutely brilliant how all the feelings and emotions relating to the affect a Cochlear Implant has on a person and their surrounding family is portrayed.

The deaf character struggles to find her true identity as a Deaf person (whether she should be signing or using her voice to communicate) and as the programme progresses it is seen that it is the mother who encouraged her to go for the implant….so there is friction in the family as other issues surrounding the murder come to light. 

I found it interesting to see sign language on TV and how the character goes back to her ‘grass roots’ and finds her deaf friends (who all use BSL) to get some ‘peace’ and basically chill out.

The way the programme is put together is brilliant….to have some suspense built into it when it is discovered she is a key witness to a murder but also to include a lot of Deaf culture issues into it at the same time….simple things like when she went to bed and didnt have her implant in…she put her hand on the floor as she went to sleep to feel any vibrations of movement…especially as she was now be hunted down by the killers…

Truly excellent…can’t wait for tonight!


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