Posted by: learnsignlanguage | May 23, 2010

Review of the British Sign Language Level 2 DVD set

I would just like to say thank you to Jess for the brilliant review of our British Sign Language Level 2 DVD set. Please see the extract taken from Amazon below:

“It’s a delight in every way, to use this DVD course!

The menu is easy to navigate and topics are grouped into useful lessons. You could follow it just like a course. It can’t compete with learning in a class and especially with the Deaf community members themselves. But, I can’t imagine how you could get any closer to acquiring all the groundwork with this DVD pack. Wonderful if, like me, you are having to self-teach as best as possible, as no college course is available. Or, you need to refresh ahead of Level 3 (lucky ol’ you if so!).

What a beautiful language British Sign Language is.

I’m trying to find some fault with this but can’t, truly. I even find Sonia herself a plus. I enjoy watching her sign. She comes over as relaxed and approachable. Her handshapes are clear but not unnaturally stiff. It has voice over, subtitles, tests and short stories, all study categories and vocabulary you need for a higher level of everyday BSL

Love it! Even has discreet background sound, which I appreciate as a hearing person.”

Thank you Jess I appreciate it.


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