Posted by: learnsignlanguage | May 13, 2010

Learn Sign Language has partnered with DeafWise

We are pleased to announce that Learn Sign Language (LSL) have recently partnered with leading Deaf Awareness Organisation called DeafWise

Organisations that want to know more about their deaf customers and how to interact better with them benefit by talking to DeafWise first.

Part of the DeafWise team are deaf so they are genuine experts when it comes to interacting with deaf people, be it face to face, non-verbally, through multimedia or technology.

DeafWise are focused on creating a great customer experience for deaf people, they’ll explore the organisation’s typical customer journey and identify the communication gaps that exists for deaf people.

Once they’ve identified the problems that need solving, DeafWise deliver bespoke training and other services to ensure the organisation meets it’s goals for improving better access to deaf customers.

The services they offer are:

  • Staff training, deaf awareness and sign language
  • Best practice procedures, advice and guidance on communication channels
  • BSL (sign language) translation (DVD, PDA, Web video etc.)
  • Equipment solutions (SMS, textphones, loops etc.)
  • DDA audits (Disability Discrimination Act)

As you can see their services are varied, so if you need to talk anything about deafness call them on 0845 466 7153, visit online at or email


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