Posted by: learnsignlanguage | May 3, 2010

British Sign Language Numbers

Learning to sign numbers in BSL

When numbers are signed in BSL the placement of the signs are positioned in different locations on the body depending on whether the numbers are relating to general numbering, ages in years, currency or time.

If the numbers are used for general meaning for example ‘there are 5 children’ then the number is positioned just in front of the body at chest level where the sign and the face can be seen together in the natural signing space.

However, if you are discussing ages of children for example or general ages then the number is signed from the nose  for example 5.

If you are signing numbers that are relevant to money then the numbers are generally signed from the chin. For example £5.

If you are signing anything to do with time then the number signs are held at chest level within the natural signing space but the numbers are twisted round to indicate 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock etc,

Let’s take a look at the basic number system in BSL. Please note that when signing numbers in BSL you may come across regional variations.

Click on the BSL Number video to see the signs


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