Posted by: learnsignlanguage | April 15, 2010

British Sign Language Alphabet

British Sign Language Alphabet

Let’s take a closer look at one the components of British Sign Language and what people usually learn first….the BSL alphabet.

Fingerspelling is used a lot in sign language and is mostly used to fingerspell names of people or places. Sometimes students find this problematic when starting to learn to sign but as long as you focus on the signers face rather than their hands you will develop the skills of ‘seeing’ the signs using your peripheral vision.

Obviously the British Sign Language Alphabet is only a small part of learning sign language but its a start.

The speed and clarity of fingerspelling also varies between different signing communities. Generally speaking you tend to find that older Deaf people use more fingerspelling than younger Deaf people which is often connected to their educational upbringing.

Often when people are Learning Sign Language they start off with the alphabet and then develop from there to learn more phrases and words in basic sign language.

Let’s begin and take a look at the alphabet now and see if you can sign your name.

british sign language fingerspelling alphabet

Or click here to see the alphabet signed on video


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